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Microfiber Mop (XQH-C006)
Microfiber Mop (XQH-C006)
Product Description

Product Name: microfiber mop (XQH-C006)

Product Features:

1. This range of microfiber mops features ultra-soft, ultra-dense Chenille microfiber head which attracts dirt, dust and hair like a magnet rather than pushing them around like traditional mop heads. It is an ideal floor duster, taking care of hardwood floors and other wood surfaces, meanwhile maintaining and preserving the beauty of wood.

2. Use dry for dusting. Use wet for more aggressive cleaning.

3. 360 degree swivel connector flips the mop head over to clean hard-to-reach areas.

4. Comfort-grip telescopic handle with a convenient hang-up feature can be adjusted to clean the hard-to-reach tops.

5. The mop head is removable, replaceable and machine washable for continued use. Refill mop head is also available.

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