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We specializes in producing various microfiber cleaning products, such as microfiber mops, microfiber towels&cloths, microfiber dusters, microfiber dish cleaning sponges&pads,chenille carpets, etc. These products are of exceptional quality, which is supervised by a strict QA system during the whole production process. Supported by our own factory, we can provide very affordable prices to ensure you are always very competitive in the marketplace.

Standing at the forefront of cleaning market, we are devoted to making cleaning easier and quicker. We answer customers demands by producing a wide range of innovative microfiber cleaning products to make your housework less of a chore. Our factory is capable of producing new moulds based on clients' special requirements. And every order placed by our clients is managed with efficiency and special attention. We will take care of the packing, loading, documents and all the other things to make sure of your satisfaction and to develop your confidence in SIEMPU.

You are welcome to contact us for any inquiries, questions or further details. We shall be happy to be at service for you.

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